Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3200kw Mastervolt inverter -

Mastervolt Sunmaster XS3200 Inverter More power from the sun under all conditions, with an exceptional degree of reliability. As one of the pioneers in the grid connected solar industry, Mastervolt has a long track record in developing and manufacturing high-quality solar inverters that transform solar power into valuable energy. The Sunmaster XS series solar inverter is the result of 20 years of expertise and practical experience, making sure you get the most out of your PV system. Flexible design Compatible with any type of solar module Country selection via LCD Applicable in both indoor and protected outdoor environment (IP44) Integrated transformer Advanced monitoring Large user-friendly LCD 30 day kWh memory as standard Free plug & play software Extensive monitoring solutions available Easy and safe installation MC connections Mounting brackets included Integrated DC switch available Lightweight Reactive power Capacitors or inductors are capable of temporarily storing electrical energy during the AC cycle. As a result, the peak value of electrical current is now delayed when compared to the peak value of voltage. AC current flowing through purely capacitive or purely inductive loads does not deliver useful work at all. In these kinds of loads the energy is temporarily stored and called reactive power. The current can flow into the load and out of the load without actually delivering energy!


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