Monday, September 17, 2012

brooke bond cards ships space cars prehistoric animals inventors people wildlife (delivery available !

all in very good condition some of the books have a name written on them. books& cards: *saga of the ships 3 out of 50 cards missing *prehistoric animals 40 out of 50 missing *wonders of wildlife 3 out of 50 missing with 3 doubles *inventores and inventions 12 out of 50 missing with 3 doubles *the race into space 19 out of 50 missing with 2 doubles *history of the motor car 6 out of 50 missing *vanishing wildlife 10 out of 40 missing *famour people 1869-1969 complete with 2 doubles just cards: *butterflies of the world: 40 of 50 with an extra 2 doubles *transport through the ages: 21 of 50 *wild birds in britains: 20 of 50 *trees in britain: 15 of 50 *british costume: 4 of 50 *history of aviation: 1 of 50 *cadburys strange but true cards: 3 can post but would cost an additional 5 and money would need to be sent upfront via paypal or bank transfer or pick up from pontypridd or depending on your address i can hand deliver, but postage costs would need to be paid


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