Monday, July 23, 2012


TERRAIN RAPIDFLOW GUTTERING FITTINGS-- BROWN HERE I HAVE A TONE BAG WITH FITTINGS IN BROWN THE PIECEC I HAVE ARE.. 139-- Joint Bracket conector (rapid brown) online price 4.96 27---68mm Stop End Outlet drop end (rapid brown) 8.54 30--90 Degree Gutter Angle (rapid brown) 7.96 19 externel Stop End (rapid brown) 4.04 1 internel stop end 30-- 68mm Running Outlet (rapid brown) 7.86 6 ---68mm Straight Coupler Round (terr brown) 2.52 20----92.5 Deg Offset Bend (brown 4.27 Connector to Drain x20 10.75 Socket Bracket (brown) x20 1.81 rrp this stuf is more than 1700 im lookin 200 for the lot i olso have white and black if you would like to let me no how much stuff you need i will give you a price for smaller amounts iv got a bag with about a 1000 sofit vents in black 20 this stuff comes from if you would like a look


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