Saturday, August 11, 2012


Large set of orthopedic contak instruments for sale, mostly brand new! The couple of pieces that have been used, have only been used once or twice at most. The set was bought for my veterinary practice but has not been used. Would cost thousands to buy brand new! Will list all instruments & manufacturer individually below. Headed bio-absorbable corkscrew tap x 2 - Arthrex Headed bio-absorbable corksrew driver x 2 - Arthrex Cuff stitch left bend 70 degree - Smith + nephew Cuff stitch left 180 degree - Smith + nephew Cuff stitch right bend 70 degree - Smith + nephew Cuff stitch right 180 degree - smith + nephew Drill guide 18cm x 2 - Innovasive Guide wire cap - Innovasive Contack inserter - Innovasive Slide Mallet - Innovasive Contack delivery shaft - Innovasive Arthro obtur reuse 8.5mm x 2 - Mitek Panalock drgde slotfishmouth x 2 - Mitek 4mm portal stick - Acufex 4mm shoulder rod - Acufex Cannula lipped trocar x 3 - Linvatec Lipped cannula x 2 - Linvatec Guide wire pushers x 2 - Arthrex Reusable obturator - Arthrex Probe 5mm - R.Wolf Switching stick for clear cannulla - Mitek Also various other bits & pieces, wires etc all enclosed in autoclavable instrument tray. Price - Open to sensible offers.


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