Thursday, August 9, 2012

toy2r and frank kozik vinyl toys. ?

2 x 3" no faces ,2500 ever made 14 x 2.5" kozik redrum bears 1 x kidrobt dunny ,im french collection 1 x 6" evil ape ,glow in dark ,d.i.y 8 x 2.5" qee burgermenos egg series 1 x 2.5" monskey - pike 1 x 5" devil toyer bobble head 1 x 8" qee artist collection - seen ,with bonus dunny 1 x 8" kozik redrum bear ,glow in dark , VERY VERY RARE as there was only 100 of them ever made worldwide ,chase jack eyes version which alone sells on ebay for 100. also there is some toy2r postcards which i will throw in. this complete set is a bargain and cost well over 300 + !!! all toys have been opened to verify and then put back in the box and are in mint condition. for any more info please feel free to give me a call on 07765388839.


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